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Senior Academic Titles - Appointments and Promotions

Dr Nic Jools awarded Member of the Order of Australia

Special Awards and Distinctions for our PhD students

Helping physiotherapists manage the chronic pain of Sickle Cell Disease in an Arabic population - crossing discipline and cultural barriers

Article by Dr Lois Tonkin, Pain Management Research Institute

Anthony Joseph

Clinical Associate Professor Anthony Joseph in Emergency Medicine

Tony Joseph has been a Staff Specialist in the Emergency Department at RNSH since 1995 and Trauma Director since 1998. He has always taught medical students, RMOs and Registrars with great enthusiasm. He has also been a pioneer in the development of Emergency Department ultrasound in Australasia and played a key role in the initial development of the Australasian Trauma Society. His research interests include the use of emergency ultrasound, trends in current trauma management and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Jas Samra

Clinical Associate Professor Jas Samra in Gastrointestinal Surgery

Jas Samra is currently appointed as a VMO with the Upper GI Department at Royal North Shore Hospital. He is a laparoscopic surgeon focusing on complex pancreatic and liver surgery. His aim is to improve the cure rate of pancreatic cancer through a more complete surgical resection.

His research is focused not only on surgical techniques but also on molecular biology in pancreatic neuroendocrine tumours.

Carole Foot

Clinical Associate Professor Carole Foot in Intensive Care

Carole Foot is a Staff Intensive Care Specialist at Royal North Shore Hospital and a Visiting Medical Officer at North Shore Private Hospital, where she is also the co-supervisor of training. Her principal interests are teaching and mentoring with a focus on Leadership and Management training for healthcare professionals, non-technical skills and the role of experiential learning, particularly manikin-based and table top simulations. Carole is a Personal and Professional Development tutor at Northern.

Sheryl Van Nunen

Clinical Associate Professor Sheryl Van Nunen in Allergic Diseases

Sheryl van Nunen is a consultant physician in allergic diseases with an international reputation in clinical research. Her interest in causes of anaphylaxis has led to her major achievement in clinical allergy, which has been discerning the association between local reactions to tick bites and the later development of life-threatening red meat allergy, a clinical study which led to the characterisation of a previously unknown class of allergen (alpha-1,3- galactose), a finding significant enough for her US colleague who performed the molecular work to have been awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Society for his part in this discovery.
An enthusiastic tutor and teacher, a previous recipient of a Northern Clinical School Excellence in Med 1 Clinical Tutoring award, she is numbered amongst a select group of our clinical teachers who have been given a standing ovation after one of their lectures.

Dr Nic Jools awarded Member of the Order of Australia

Dr Nic Jools, was honoured in the recent Queen’s Birthday Honours with a Member of the Order of Australia. Nic was a Problem-Based Learning tutor at Northern in 2009. The honour was in recognition of service to the community through philanthropic donations of Australian art and financial support for a range of educational and medical organisations as a benefactor to developing artists, and to medicine in the field of gynaecology.

Special Awards and Distinctions for our PhD students

Owen Katalinic, Rehabilitation Studies Unit
Winner of the Stroke Society of Australasian Scientific Award for 2010. This was for his paper titled:
Katalinic OM, Harvey LA, Herbert RD, Moseley AM, Lannin NA, Schurr K (2010) Stretch for contractures: a Cochrane systematic review.

Roberta Wong, Rehabilitation Studies Unit
Winner of the 2010 Dr Bernard Lake Award by Sydney Medical School, The University of Sydney. This was for her paper titled:
Law R, Harvey L, Finniss D, Nicholas MK (2009) Stretch exercises increase tolerance to stretch in patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain: a randomised controlled trial. Physical Therapy. 89: 1016-1026

This is an annual prize awarded to a health professional for the best paper publication in a peer-reviewed journal of significant original work undertaken in Australia, in one of the following fields: holistic medicine, complementary medicine, exercise rehabilitation, nutriceuticals, aromatherapy and multidisciplinary whole patient approach to medical problems.

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