e-Newsflash - June 2011

Fundraiser for Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS)

royal flying doctor service

Every year students from Sydney Medical School have the opportunity to attend placements in Broken Hill, in rural NSW. Usually one or two students from Northern Clinical School attend placements here, and feedback is that this experience is very rewarding.

This year a group of students who have taken up this opportunity have decided to give something back. They have challenged themselves to a grueling 115 km run, all in the name of raising some funds for, and highlighting the importance of, the Royal Flying Doctor Service, a service whose work is vital in such remote countryside.

One of these students is our very own Stage 3 student, Ed Irving. Each of the 3 students involved will run alternate legs of this non-stop journey, which they hope to complete in under 12 hours on the 18th June 2011. Instead of a baton they will carry a small medical kit to remind everyone of the lifesaving nature of the flying doctor service. They hope to raise $10,000 on their journey, to help the students achieve this goal please check out their page on 'Everyday Hero'

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Upcoming Events

Pain Management Symposium

Applications are now open for the Pain Management Symposium on 22-23 July 2011, conducted by the Pain Management Research Institute, University of Sydney.

Sessions are presented by leading specialists in the field. Day 1 reviews the problem of pain, with topics ranging from neurobiology through to the practicalities of managing persistent pain. Building on this information, Day 2 considers orofacial pain, exploring issues such as oral mucosal pain, neuropathic trigeminal pain, jaw function and dysfunction. Both days feature case presentations and expert panel discussions.

Click here for the application form

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