e-Newsflash - August 2013

Winners of the RCPA Scholarship for Medical Schools award


Lucy Mylchreest, Aditi Raut, Prof. Jonathan Morris, Dr Anthony Gill, Jessica Mills and Isobel Yeap

Congratulations to our current University of Sydney medical students Aditi Raut, Lucy Mylchreest, Jessica Mills and Isobel Yeap for winning the RCPA Scholarship for Medical Schools award.The prizes were presented by Prof Jonathan Morris, head of the Northern Clinical School and the Kolling Institute (left panel).

The RCPA Scholarship for Medical Schools award is valued at AUD$2000 and intended to foster early interest in cancer pathology research among medical students. We are proud to announce that our medical student affiliates have won the prize in three of the last four years!

Moving forwards, Isobel, Lucy, Aditi and Jessica are establishing a breast cancer research interest group for medical students and will use the award to support research in potential targeted treatments for breast cancer. We wish them all the very best with their medical and research careers.

If you would like to read more please visit the Cancer Diagnosis and Pathology Research Group website.

Welcome to Renee and Lina


Dr Renee Lim and Dr Lina Pugliano

Dr Renee Lim has an unusual background in medicine through her ongoing locum work in Emergency, Geriatrics and Palliative Care, in performance, with a professional career on both stage and screen, and in training, working with organisations in business development, risk assessment, conflict and crisis management and communication.

These apparently disparate industries have provided her with the skills to become the Director of Program Development at the Pam McLean Centre, where her aims are to create a sustainable and innovative business model to support the ongoing and new work in communication at the Centre, develop new programs and client relationships as well as expand the existing ones, invest time in research to substantiate this incredibly important industry, and engage in the expansion of the Sydney University Medical School professional development curriculum to educate the doctors of the future.

Dr Lina Pugliano has also recently joined the Clinical school, taking a large role in the Stage 2 oncology education. Lina is a medical oncologist working clinically at the Mater Hospital, specialising in the management of breast cancer. Her area of research centres on the role of obesity in breast cancer risk and treatment.

We look forward to working with both Renee and Lina!

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