e-Newsflash - July 2013

Michael Field takes to the airwaves


Since retiring as our previous Associate Dean at the end of 2010, Michael Field has kept himself busy. We often see him around the corridors between his teaching and clinic visits to the Hospital, and he's frequently overseas consulting with medical schools in our region and leading external evaluations of their curricula (was it Mongolia he was in last week?).

But his greatest enthusiasm seems to be for his new role as a DJ on Sydney classical music station Fine Music 102.5 on the FM band. He's been a regular presenter of scheduled broadcasts for over a year already, and he tells us excitedly that he will now be having his own program, starting in July. This will go by the name "A Field Guide to Music" (!) and it will allow him to explain and illustrate the high points of many of his favourite pieces - think Prokofiev, Haydn, Strauss, Brahms, Beethoven etc.

This series of programs will be broadcast on FM 102.5 (and also streamed on the internet at www.finemusicfm.com) at 1.00pm on the first and third Thursday of each month, starting on July 4th. Something to listen to while eating our lunch?

Michael can be contacted on his email and says he would welcome any feedback from listeners!

Claire Bridgman running for an xray machine


Coolah District Hospital

This year I am taking part in the City to Surf. I actually took part in this when I was 20 (or so) and swore I would never put myself through a ‘fun’ run again, but when the Health Services Manager of Coolah Hospital (who also happens to be my Mum!) asked me to join their team alongside their doctor, their ward clerk, the practice nurse and the cook, as well as with 10 community members in order to raise money to purchase an Xray machine I couldn’t say no. Currently those with suspected broken bones have to take a 260km round trip to get xrayed, along some bumpy country roads as well. So I have strapped on my training shoes and have spent many a lunchtime trying to follow the 10 week training schedule provided by City to Surf (I believe it was a mistype when they stated this week I needed to do a 45 minute ‘easy’ run) in order to help raise much needed funds. As an added bonus the town Dr has kindly agreed to match every $5 we raise with $1 of her own.

If you would like to support me in this quest you can do so in two ways, either give me a shout when you see me running laps on the oval for motivation, or if you like you can donate to the xray machine fund by letting me know what you would like to pledge ( or 99264678). Thanks!

If you would like to contribute to this newsletter, or have any feedback, please contact Claire Bridgman.

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