e-Newsflash - June 2013

Vice Chancellor's Prize

News has also come in about another Northern academic being part of a prize winning team. This is a second Vice Chancellors Award connected to Northern, this time in the area of Support of the Student Experience.

Our own Associate Professor Chris Roberts was part of the Peer Assisted Learning Program team based at Central Clinical School that was named as a winning team.

Well done to the whole team on this award!

Global Corporate Challenge


The Rheum Zoomers: Joanna Makovey, Monique Macara, Lyndall Henderson, Emma Smith, Marita Cross, Prof Lyn March, Annica Wong

As you walk around the hospital and the Kolling building you may notice more people than usual using the stairs lately. This is a direct result of the Global Corporate Challenge, an annual global competition that requires teams of 7 to record how many steps they take per day in order to race around the world!

Sydney Medical School has three teams taking part here on the RNS campus, ‘The Rheum Zoomers’, ‘Snap, Crackle and Pop’ and the ‘Northern Perambulators’. Currently the Nothern Perambulators are in the lead by 17 kilometres, I shall keep you in the loop over the next 3 months of competition to see if this changes!


Snap, Crackle and Pop!: Dr Rodger Laurent, Kelly McKelvey, Agnes Chan, Tanya Fedorova, Callum Fryer, A/Prof Les Schrieber, Sue Davies

The Northern Perambulators: Carolyn Lockart, Clare Barwick, Claire Bridgman, Trudy Henson, Kate Drabsch, Jenny Ludeman, Nazy Sanaei

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