Junior Medical Officer (JMO) teaching program

We welcome and encourage the support of the JMOs in the education of our medical students. To this end we have created the JMO program, which gives JMOs the opportunity to build their teaching skills in a more informal teaching program. The purpose of the JMO informal teaching program is to give students more opportunity to see patients on the wards and in other clinical settings. It is important that any interaction by medical students with patients is under supervision so that they can have the feedback necessary in learning clinical skills.

Your role as a JMO tutor is to see the students, ideally every week, during term time throughout the year to give them some informal tutorials on history-taking and/or physical examination, preferably at the bedside. There is no need to follow anything specific in their curriculum as this will be addressed in the formal tutorials each week.

You can also take part in organising or examining for mock OSCEs (MOSCEs) and practice long cases. Other teaching opportunities also arise throughout the year and you will be contacted about these as appropriate
As part of the JMO program you will be given the opportunity to participate in activities that have been set up to assist with your educational skills, these include invitations to a series of education forums. These forums run approximately every 6 weeks, and will cover topics that are relevant to enhance your teaching skills. In addition mock interviews will be organised annually to provide you with a chance to practice interview skills for future career progression.

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To register your interest for this program please complete the JMO Application form.