Dr Albert S McKern Research Scholarship & Travelling Scholarship

The Dr Albert S McKern Research Scholarships and the Dr Albert S McKern Travelling Scholarships have been established as a result of funds from an extremely generous benefactor, Dr Albert S McKern.

The objective of these postgraduate scholarships is to attract top quality postgraduates to conduct research into the cause, prevention and treatment of mental and physical pain and distress during pregnancy, labour and puerperium. The value of the scholarships is up to $45,000 per annum tax exempt for the Research Scholarship and up to $15,000 per annum tax exempt for the Travelling Scholarship.

It is envisaged the research will enhance understanding leading to better medical interventions for women who suffer as a result of pregnancy, labour and the puerperium.

The University of Sydney, the University of Edinburgh, Scotland and Yale University, USA, are working collaboratively to support the exchange of researchers between the three institutions, all of which have an international reputation for expertise in reproductive medicine.

Eligibility for the scholarships is limited to students from University of Sydney, University of Edinburgh, Scotland and Yale University, USA.

These Scholarships were first offered in 2009. Each year the University of Sydney offers two Research scholarships and two Travelling scholarships and it is anticipated these Scholarships will be in high demand. Entries for these scholarships will open in August and close Wednesday 17th September 2014.

How to apply