Research locations

Research activity of the discipline is strong. Focus areas of research include endometrial disorders, reproductive immunology, preeclampsia and fetal insufficiency. The discipline is a leader in several international trials particularly in newborn care and high risk obstetrics. The Discipline effectively utilises routinely collected data to inform health service provision and evaluation of perinatal health care.

A breadth of post graduate research opportunities exist in all aspects of obstetrics, gynaecology and neonatology.

Each of the teaching hospitals has laboratory research facilities and these are listed below.

Kolling Institute of Medical Research

Westmead Hospital

Nepean Hospital

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital - Central Clinical School

Queen Elizabeth Research Institute for Mothers and Infants

Associate Professor Kirsten Black

Associate Professor Kirsten Black is a gynaecologist with a PhD in pubilc health. Her clinical and research interests span the following areas:

* Pre-pregnancy care
* Early pregnancy care and complications
* Contraception
* International maternal and reproductive health

Professor Robert Jansen

Clinical and Research Interests:

* Reproductive ethics.
* In vitro fertilisation.
* Fallopian tube microsurgery.
* Oocyte and embryo mitochondrial function.

The central secretariat maintains the administrative control of the Department, responsible for curricula, examinations, policy, post-graduate courses and University relations.

The Institute contains research facilities for Professor Ian Fraser. Laboratory work focuses on menstrual function and endometriosis.

Professor Fraser has links for contraceptive research with the Sydney Centre for Reproductive Health Research and the Family Planning Association at Ashfield.

The Centre for Perinatal Health Services Research is also located in the Institute.