Evaluation Committee


  • To provide a forum for the Office of Medical Education, students and teachers to discuss/support/improve the quality of teaching and learning in the Sydney Medical School, with particular reference to the recommendations made by the Curriculum Review, October 2007.
Committee Role Committee Member
Chair/Head of Evaluation Professor Heather Jeffery
Senior Lecturer
Dr Linda Klein
Ms Karen Garlan
Secretary - Assessment and Evaluation Officer Dominique Briones
Assessment and Evaluation Manager Pieta Joy
Research Assistant - Evaluation
Adam Bentvelzen

Stage 1 Coordinator/BCS Theme Coordinator Professor John Mitrofanis
Stage 2 Coordinator/BCS Theme Coordinator Professor Michael Frommer
Stage 3 Coordinator/BCS Theme Coordinator Associate Professor Chris Dennis
Head of Medicine Professor Stephen Clarke
Head of Surgery Professor Leigh Delbridge
Head of Critical Care Clinical Professor Tony McLean
Associate Dean - Concord Professor Robert Lusby
Associate Dean - Nepean Professor Michael Peek
Associate Dean - Northern Professor Michael Field
Associate Dean - Westmead Professor David Harris
Associate Dean - Rural Associate Professor Tony Brown
Associate Dean - RPA Professor Craig Mellis
Associate Dean - CHW Associate Professor Dianne Campbell
PAAM Chair
Associate Professor Anthony Harris
PWH Chair Professor Jonathan Morris
Community Chair Dr Narelle Shadbolt
CAH Chair
Dr Meg Phelps
Population Medicine Theme Coordinator Professor Bruce Armstrong
Pt-Dr Theme Coordinator Visiting Professor David Tiller
PPD Theme Coordinator Professor Michael Frommer
Executive Officer - RPA Annette Burgess
Executive Officer - Nepean Denise Thornhill
Executive Officer - Northern Kay Worrell
Executive Officer - Westmead Amanda Burke
Executive Officer - Concord Val Peters
Executive Officer - Rural
Averill Gilham

Executive Officer - CHW Vikki Cheetham

Medical Educator - RPA Renata Chapman
Medical Educator - Western
Amanda Harrison

Medical Educator -Nepean Biren Singh
Medical Educator - Northern Dr Kirsty Foster
Medical Educator - Concord  Dr Emily Hibbert
Medical Educator - CHW Karen M Scott
Medical Educator - Westmead
Dr Libby Bassett
Student representative - President, MEDSOC Jonathon Noonan
Student representative -
Medical Education Officer, MEDSOC
Student representative - Stage 1
Student representative - Stage 2 TBA
Student representative - Stage 3 TBA
Student representative - Stage 4