Stage 2 Examination Committee


  • ratifying the results of assessments in Stage 2
  • considering applications for special considerations and appeals
  • ratifying outcomes in each of the Themes
  • deciding whether a student is eligible for progression, remediation and reassessment, or to repeat.
Committee Role Committee Member
Head of Assessment Associate Professor Leo Davies
Stage 2 Coordinator /
BCS Theme Coordinator / PPD Theme Coordinator
Professor Michael Frommer

Population Medicine Theme Coordinator    Professor Bruce Armstrong
Pt-Dr Theme Coordinator Visiting Professor David Tiller
Associate Dean - RPA   Professor Craig Mellis
Associate Dean - Concord Professor Robert Lusby
Associate Dean - Northern  Professor Michael Field
Associate Dean - Westmead Professor David Harris
Associate Dean - Nepean   Professor Michael Peek
Stage 2 Sub-Dean Associate Professor Kevin Keay
Stage 2 SubDean Associate Professor Suzanne Abraham
Executive Officer - Concord Val Peters
Executive Officer - Westmead Amanda Burke
Executive Officer - Nepean Birendra Singh
Executive Officer - RPA Annette Burgess
Executive Officer - Northern Kay Worrell
Medical Educator - RPA Renata Chapman
Medical Educator - Nepean Biren Singh
Medical Educator - Northern Dr Kirsty Foster
Medical Educator - CHW Karen Scott
Medical Educator - Westmead Dr Libby Bassett

Dr Amanda Harrison

Lecturer - Assessment
Imogene Rothnie
Senior Lecturer - Assessment Dr Deborah O'Mara
Assessment Manager Pieta Joy
Assessment Officer Nikki Briones
Assessment Support Officer
Melinda Doneviski
Manager MPAU Ken Chow
Student Support
Dr Narelle Shadbolt
PPD Student Issues
Associate Professor Merrilyn Walton