Stage 3 Examination Committee


  • ratifying the results of assessments in Stage 3
  • considering applications for special considerations and appeals
  • ratifying outcomes in each of the Core and Specialty Blocks, Elective and PRINT
  • deciding whether a student is eligible for progression, remediation and reassessment, or to repeat.
Committee Role Committee Member
Head of Assessment Associate Professor Leo Davies
Stage 3 Coordinator /
BCS Theme Coordinator
Associate Professor Chris Dennis

Population Medicine Theme Coordinator    Professor Bruce Armstrong
PPD Theme Coordinator

Professor Michael Frommer

Pt-Dr Theme Coordinator Visiting Professor David Tiller
Associate Dean - RPA   Professor Craig Mellis
Associate Dean - Concord Professor Robert Lusby
Associate Dean - Northern  Professor Michael Field
Associate Dean - Westmead Professor David Harris
Associate Dean - Nepean   Professor Michael Peek
Associate Dean - Rural Associate Professor Tony Brown
Associate Dean - CHW/CAH - Chair
Associate Professor Dianne Campbell
Community - Chair + Student Support
Dr Narelle Shadbolt
Psychological Medicine - Chair
Associate Professor Anthony Harris
Perinatal and Women's Health
Professor Jonathan Morris
Elective Coordinator
Karen Garlan

Executive Officer - Westmead Amanda Burke
Executive Officer - Nepean Birendra Singh
Executive Officer - Concord
Val Peters

Executive Officer - RPA Annette Burgess
Executive Officer - Northern Kay Worrell
ESO (Core Blocks) - Dubbo Lou Graham
ESO (Speciality Blocks & PRINT) - Dubbo
Julia Wild

ESO (Core, Speciality Blocks & PRINT) - Orange Nicole Lockwood

Associate Lecturer Imogene Rothnie
Senior Lecturer Dr Deborah O'Mara
Assessment Manager Pieta Joy
Assessment Officer Nikki Briones
Assessment Support Officer
Melinda Doneviski

Manager MPAU Ken Chow