Academic staff


Professor & Co-Director - Sydney Medical Program

Professor Inam Haq

Professor & Co-Director - Sydney Medical Program

Professor Jane Bleasel

Stage Coordinators

Foundation Studies Coordinator

Dr Margot Day

Clinical Studies Coordinator

A/Prof Stuart Lane


Associate Professor in Indigenous Health/Program Coordinator

A/Prof Lilon Bandler

Elective Coordinator

Associate Professor Kirsty Foster

MD Project and Honours Coordinator

A/Prof Rebekah Jenkin

A/Prof David Bowen


Head of Evaluation

Associate Professor Leo Davies

Academic Lead of Assessment

A/Prof Deborah O'Mara

Associate Professors

Associate Professor

A/Prof Annette Burgess


Senior Lecturer Assessment

Imogene Rothnie

Senior Lecturer Evaluation

Dr Linda Klein

Senior Lecturer

Dr Debbie Frommer

 Associate Lecturer Assesment

Tyler Clark

Theme Coodinators

Basic and Clinical Sciences

A/Prof Margo Day

Patient and Doctor

A/Prof Stuart Lane

Population Medicine

Professor Alexandra Barratt

Population Medicine

Dr Kimberley Ivory

Personal and Professional Development

A/Prof Stuart Lane