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The NSW BTRC is a member of the NSW Brain Banks that oversees the application process for all enquiries including tissue requests, letters of support for grant application, or tissue access for trial/pilot studies.

The NSW BTRC processes formalin-fixed and fresh-frozen brain and spinal cord tissue for research projects.

The New South Wales Brain Bank Scientific Review Committee or the National Institutes of Health (NIAAA) Scientific Advisory Board will review tissue requests. Samples will be made available based on the validity of the research project and tissue availability.

Host institution ethics approval is required from research groups when requesting tissue.
A Tissue Transfer Agreement must be completed following the approval and before the samples are transported.

The NSW BTRC operates inline with the Australian Brain Banks National Access Policy. A service fee for access is determined for each application and freight charges are the responsibility of the recipient.

Further information about tissue requests

Researchers, for further information about how to request tissue, access rates and tissue request guidelines, please visit NSW Brain Banks. For further assistance with application queries please contact the New South Wales Brain Bank Co-ordinator on + 61 2 9351 6143 or nswbbn@sydney.edu.au.