About Histopathology

The Histopathology Laboratory strives to produce high quality work for both teaching and research purposes within the Discipline of Pathology. It is also available for contract work from other Departments/Disciplines within the University of Sydney and the general scientific community.

In addition to routine histology, we perform special histochemical stains, immunohistochemistry, and training courses.

Precinct Facility

In June 1999 the Blackburn/Bosch/QEII Research Precinct provided one years' funding for the establishment of a precinct Histopathology Facility. In July/August 1999 the Facility was established in the Histopathology Laboratory, Department of Pathology Room 565 in the Blackburn Building.

The Histopathology Laboratory is a well-equipped facility, which can meet researchers' requirements in all areas of histotechnology, from tissue processing to sectioning and special stains. The Precinct Histopathology Facility is open to all members of the Blackburn/Bosch/QEII Research Precinct. After an initial training period, all members of staff in this Precinct (and their students) will have access to the equipment, facilities and expertise of staff in the Histopathology Laboratory.

The Discipline of Pathology will also provide specialist pathology advice for researchers who need assistance in planning their experiments or interpreting histological findings. Training courses in Histotechniques and Immunohistochemistry are held twice yearly, around February - March and September - October. The courses are without charge for members of the Blackburn/Bosch/QEII Precinct.