Administrative and Technical Staff

NB: The prefix for calling extensions beginning with '6' is 903x xxxx; the prefix for calling extensions beginning with '1' is 935x xxxx; the prefix for calling extensions beginning with '4' is 941x xxxx.

Name  Ext  Email  Designation  Room 
ARVIND, Ms Akanksha 67120 Research Assistant D06-672
BALL, Dr Helen 63238  Postdoctoral Fellow  MFB107
CASSANO, Dr Juan 63033 Research Assistant MFB301
COMBES, Dr Valery
63067  Research Fellow  MFB208a
FORREST, Shelley 41148 Postdoctoral Research Associate D17-6W
HOWARD, Ms Donna 12600  Administrative Assistant  D17-4W
HUANG, Dr Michael 66547 Postdoctoral Fellow D06-556
JANSSON, Dr Patric 67120  Postdoctoral Fellow  D06-695
66547  Postdoctoral Fellow  D06-556
KEKIC, Dr Murat 12411  Laboratory Manager  D17-4W
KOVACEVIC, Dr Zaklina 66547 Postdoctoral Fellow D06-556
KUM JEW, Mr Stephen 69027 Senior Technical Officer  D17-4W
LANE, Dr Darius 16144 Postdoctoral Fellow D06-524
LIAU, Mr Alfee 12933  Senior Technical Officer  D17-4W
LILJE, Ms Erna 16152 Lab Assistant D17-6W
LIM, Mr Edwin 66547  Research Assistant  D06-555
LOK, Hiu Chuen (Maggie)
66547 Research Officer  D06-556
MALEKI, Ms Sanaz 16152 Histopathology Lab Manager D17
MATSIMANIS, Ms Anthea 12414 Discipline Officer D17-4W
McCROSSIN, Ms Toni 12410 Clinical Liaison Officer  D17-6W
McGINLEY, Ms Ciara 65456 Research Assistant D17-6W
MENEZES, Ms Sharleen 66547 Research Assistant D06-556
MORRISON, Mr Graeme 12933  Museum Consultant (P/T) D17-4W
RICHARDSON, Mrs Vera 16144  Research Assistant  D06-524
SAHNI, Dr Sumit 67120 Postdoctoral Fellow D06-695
SAY, Ms Meichien (Karen) 16143  Technical Officer  D17-6W
SHAFIE, Dr Nurul Husna 13394 Postdoctoral Research Fellow D06-559a
SHEEDY, Mrs Donna 16143 NSW BTRC Manager  D17-6W
SOH, Ms Evelyn 18539  Administrative Officer  D17-4W
STEVENS, Ms Julia 71668  BTRC Coordinator  D17-6W
TROLLIP, Ms Shanna 16152 Technical Officer D17
WANG, Dr Xiao Suo 16150 Postdoctoral Fellow (P/T) D06-559a
WHEWAY, Dr Julie 63033  NHMRC Fellow  MFB301
ZINGER, Dr Anna 63033 Postdoctoral Fellow MFB301