Teaching & Research Overview


Teaching has traditionally been a high priority of the Discipline of Pathology and this, together with close staff/student inter-relationships, has resulted in high academic achievements. The Discipline of Pathology has always achieved high ratings in formal and informal student feedback on its teaching. The Discipline of Pathology teaches:

  • Pathology to Medical and Dental students
  • Courses in the Bachelor of Science and Medical Science degrees

University of Sydney Medical Program
The Discipline of Pathology is responsible for teaching in the University of Sydney Medical Program, which is a 4 year Graduate Program in Medicine open to students who have already completed a degree in another discipline. Most teaching is carried out on the Camperdown campus in Years 1 and 2 of the Sydney Medical Program, with some teaching done in the Clinical Schools in Years 3 and 4.

Bachelor of Medical Science and Bachelor of Science
The Discipline of Pathology teaches in the 2nd year of the Bachelor of Medical Science degree. The Discipline of Pathology is solely responsible for teaching CPAT3201 and CPAT3202 Pathological Basis of Human Disease 1 and 2, an optional Unit of Study offered in the Bachelor of Medical Science and Bachelor of Science degrees.

Research Supervision

The Discipline of Pathology offers research supervision of BSc(Med)(Hons), BSc(Dent)(Hons), BSc(Hons) and BMedSc(Hons) projects, as well as research opportunities for graduate students to pursue higher degrees (MM, MSc(Med), MSc, MSc(Dent), PhD).