HSC Year 12 Students - Understanding Diseases

The Discipline of Pathology offers a workshop on understanding diseases that aims to address the learning outcomes of 9.4 in the Search for Better Health NSW HSC Biology syllabus.

Year 12 students will be provided with mini-lectures, worksheets, and a lab and museum tour.

The workshop will run for 2 to 2 1/2 hours. The workshop can be extended by prior arrangement.

Below is a brief outline of the workshop:
Mini-lecture 1
Museum tour
Mini-lecture 2
Lab tour

Two of the following three topics will be covered:
(a) Pasteur and Koch
(b) Pathogens
(c) Defence systems

Workshop Fees

$15/student (inclusive of GST) for groups of 10 or more.
$150/group (inclusive of GST) for groups of less than 10.
The maximum number of students is 35.

Museum Tour

A 1-1.5 hour museum tour for high school students is offered at $8/student (+GST).


The Pathology Museum is located on the Ground Floor of Charles Perkins Centre D17, Camperdown Campus of the University of Sydney.

To make a booking please contact Alfee Liau on 9351 2933 or