MRI brain scan image

The NSW Tissue Resource Centre tissues provided to research groups for neuroscientific investigations such as understanding the framework, composition and functioning of the human brain and the nature of neurological and neurodegenerative diseases.

The brain is a very complex structure. Many conditions such as bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia, motor neuron disease, multiple sclerosis, alcohol related brain disorders and other neurological and psychiatric conditions affect only humans. There are few animal models available that can accurately replicate these conditions particularly in the case of schizophrenia.

Brains from people affected with these illnesses are essential for research devoted to finding treatments and cures. Progress can be made towards finding the cause of neurological and psychiatric conditions if researchers can compare brains from those affected with brains from those who were not affected by such conditions. Normal brain tissue can also be used to study ageing of the human brain. Normal brain tissue is known as 'control' tissue and is extremely important to identify physiological and chemical differences between healthy tissue and 'abnormal' changes.