Mr Alistair Gee

Lecturer, Sydney School of Public Health / Public Health

Telephone 0417 672 650


Biographical details

Alistair’s focus is reducing death, disability and their cost at scale. As part of this he is the founder and CEO of a new initiative, Save a Million, which will seek to scale up prevention programs through value capture. He has been Co-Convenor of Make Poverty History, a movement of over 100 international development agencies pursuing child and maternal mortality reduction goals, as well as other global goals. He is also Co-Founder of the Centre for Armed Violence Reduction, and has been CEO of Act for Peace and COO at the Institute for Economics and Peace, each of which work to reduce violent injury and its cost. Alistair has been Chairman of nearly a dozen other organisations or committees working to reduce social harm. He is an honorary lecturer at the University of Sydney and was a lawyer prior to 2005.

Research interests

Making it possible to invest in and scale life-saving programs.

Arms control and armed violence reduction.

Teaching and supervision

Alistair has given lectures and conference speeches in a range of countries.

Alistair has supervised over 100 student interns and capstone researchers.

In the media

Alistair has done over 100 media interviews across all formats.

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