Dr Anjali Bhardwaj

Research Fellow - Clinical Trial Coordinator
Central Clinical School

Telephone +61 2 9332 8794


Biographical details

Dr Anjali Bhardwaj is a research fellow and clinical trials specialist at University of Sydney.

Anjali holds a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Psychology, a Masters in Research Methodology and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Kent, UK.

Anjali’s early research career in the UK centred on Mental Health and Intellectual Disability which developed to focus on early-onset Dementia and Intellectual Disability at the University of New South Wales when she moved to Australia in 2012.

She has since coordinated a number of international phase III clinical trials in infectious diseases and sexual health within NSW health, specialising in HIV and Hepatitis C.

Dr Bhardwaj is currently coordinating a number of phase II and phase III clinical trials through Addiction Medicine and The Lambert Initiative (at USYD) and within NSW health using a variety of Cannabinoid Replacement Therapies. She hopes to expand and develop the way cannabinoid therapies are being used in medicine.

Current projects

Exercise and Cannabis Withdrawal

Sativex for management of Cannabis resistant patients during withdrawal.

Gaining authorised prescribership for a range of specialists using medicinal cannabis.

Music therapy as a means of engaging clients in treatment.

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