student profile: Ms Anonnya Rizwana Chowdhury


Thesis work

Thesis title: "Economic Evaluation of Chronic Pain Interventions: Developing a population-based Simulation Model to measure the cost-effectiveness of pain interventions including labour force participation and national economic outcomes in the working age population"

Supervisors: Michael NICHOLAS , Deborah SCHOFIELD , Rupendra SHRESTHA

Thesis abstract:

Chronic pain is the third most expensive public health problem in Australia, costing the economy around $34 billion every year, and thus is one of the country’s largest overlooked health priorities. Developed countries with diverse populations (such as Canada, the UK, the US and other European countries) are increasingly using microsimulation models in health policy research.

Chronic pain lowers productivity. The aim of this PhD is to develop a population-based microsimulation model for the economic impacts of chronic pain interventions. The model will use data from patient databases and patient survey data to form the base population, and economic outputs where available (e.g. labour force participation (return to work), hours worked, and income). The model will include measures of patient income, return to labour force (current work status), tax paid after return to work, costs associated with paid or unpaid informal care, expenditures for over the counter drugs, travel expenses (associated with health care related to pain management), workers compensation, disability support/or support from their spouse.

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