Associate Professor Benjamin Tang

Associate Professor
Intensive Care Medicine, Nepean Clinical School

T: +61 2 47342490
F: +61 2

Biographical details

Dr Benjamin Tang is an Associate Professor in Intensive Care Medicine, University of Sydney. He is a critical care physician and immunogeneticist. He is the head of the Nepean Genomic Research Group. He leads a translational research program at the Department of Intensive Care Medicine, Nepean Hospital.


Research interests

Dr Benjamin Tang focuses on translating the science of gene discovery into the development of new molecular diagnostics and novel immunotherapy. His main works include;

  1. The use of microRNA as a biomarker of myocardial injury in critically ill patients.

  2. The impact of genetic polymorphism on drug response in critically ill patients.

  3. The monitoring of immuno-suppression in patients with sepsis.

  4. The profiling of metabolic pathways derrangements in immune cells in severe infection.

  5. The use of interferon derived biomarker in the diagnosis of severe pneumonia.

  6. The use of genomic biomarker in the management of influenza infection.

  7. The role of plasmacytoid dendritic cell activity in the pathogenesis of viral infection.

  8. The use of dendritic cell vaccination therapy in septic patients with immunosuppression

  9. Dendritic cell derived therapy and its mechanism of action in the in vitro setting.

  10. The mechanism of immune cell dysregulation in viral and bacterial pneumonia.