Associate Professor Chris Roberts

Associate Professor
General Practice, Northern Clinical School

T: +61 2 9477 9871
F: +61 2 9842 1642
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Biographical details

Research interests

His particular research interests in primary care include evaluating complex interventions in primary care for example multi-disciplinary approaches to falls prevention, musculo-skeletal problems, hypertension management, and mental health. He is more well known for his medical education research; including community-engaged learning and teaching, selection focussed assessment, professionalism, clinical competence and career choice.

Teaching areas

He has a group of PhD students in medical and health science education research.

He teaches and innovates in Stage 1 and stage 2 medical students' clinical day at Hornsby, and into the Stage 3 community term block.

In 2013, he shared the Vice Chancellor's Award for Support of the Student Experieince for the Peer Assisted Learning program at the Central Clinical School, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

PhD and Masters' project opportunities

Medical and Health Science Educational Research

International links

United Kingdom. (University of Sheffield, UK) Worked there for many years. On going research projects..
Netherlands. (University of Maastricht) International educational research project.
Canada. (University of British Columbia) Ongoing relationship re student selection procedures for graduate entry medicine.