Dr Freda Passam

Clinical Academic Haematologist, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Heart Research Institute &
Charles Perkins Centre

Telephone 02 86277492


Biographical details

Dr. Freda Passam leads the Haematology Research Group in the Heart Research Institute/Charles Perkins Centre of the University of Sydney focused on basic and translational research in thrombotic disease. She is a clinical academic haematologist in the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, with a special interest in thrombosis and haemostasis. Dr Passam received her medical degree and PhD in Greece on the role of angiogenesis in Hodgkin's lymphoma. She trained in clinical and laboratory Haematology, initially in Greece and then in Sydney. Her postdoctoral research was on the pathophysiology ofthe antiphospholipid syndromein the University of New South Wales followed by studies on animal models of thrombosis in Harvard University, Boston, USA. Dr Passam returned to Sydney in 2013 as a haematologist at St George Hospital and Senior Lecturer in Medicine at UNSW. She joined the RPA Hospital and the University of Sydney in 2018. Dr Passam’s research has identified a group of clotting enzymes, named thiol isomerases, that have potential as novel antithrombotic targets. Her research group has detected post-translational modifications of integrins that control platelet function. The Haematology Research group also has a keen interest in the application of microfluidic devices for the diagnosis of thrombotic and bleeding tendency in patients.

Research interests

Integrin biology

Functional disulphides


Antiphospholipid syndrome

Animal models of thrombosis

Microfluidic devices

Teaching and supervision


Coagulation & Haemostasis

Bleeding & Thrombotic Disorders

Current projects

1. Control of integrin function by functional disulphides

The purpose of this study is to understand how post-translational modifications of integrin disulphide bonds control cell function and thrombus formation.

2. Thiol isomerases as novel antithrombotic targets

We have identified a novel clotting enzymes, named thiol isomerases. Inhibitors of these enzymes can be developed into drugs that treat thrombotic disease.

3. Biochips for the assessment of haemostasis and thrombosis

Using biochips in a microfluidic system that simulates human circulation, we aim to detect thrombotic or bleeding tendency in patient samples.

Awards and honours

2018: Sydney Cardiovascular Fellowship

2016-2018: Kanematsu Novo Nordisk Award, RCPA

2016-2017: St George & Sutherland Medical Research Foundation, Seed Grant

2015-2016: UNSW Goldstar Award

2013-2014: St George Medical Research Foundation, New Investigator Award

2009-2011: International Research Award from the American Society of Haematology

2007-2008: Postdoctoral Research Award by the Foundation of the Greek Society of Haematologists

In the media



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(Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA Professor Rob Flaumenhaft) Project: Thiol isomerase inhibitors as novel antithrombotics

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