Associate Professor Hong Zhou

Principal Research Fellow
Medicine, Concord Clinical School
ANZAC Research Institute

C22 - Concord Hospital
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

T: 02 97679164
F: 02 97679101

Curriculum vitae

Research interests

I have a long-standing track record in basic research into bone biology. I have extensive experience in bone cell and molecular biology and in the use and analysis of animal models of bone disease, including transgenic, fracture healing and cancer models. My major scientific interests include effects of glucocorticoids on bone. I have made significant discoveries how glucocorticoids, through the osteoblast, regulate mesenchymal stem cell commitment and skeletal development in mice; fund that glucocorticoid signalling in osteoblasts up-regulates autoimmune arthritis in vivo and disrupting GC-signaling in osteoblasts protects mice against both the bone-wasting and diabetogenic effects of pharmacological GC doses.

International links

United Kingdom. (University of Birmingham) Collaborate with Prof Paul Stewart and Dr Mark Cooper - Role of 11ß-HSD1 in inflammatory arthritis.
United States. (University of Rochester, NY.) Co-investigator Prof. Di Chen-HNMRC Project Grant on How Osteoblasts Control Mesenchymal Progenitors..
Germany. (Humboldt University Berlin,) collaborate with Prof. Frank Buttgereit-Role of glucocorticoids in autoimmune arthritis.