Dr Jane Fleming

Lecturer - Genetics Counselling
Genetic Medicine, Northern Clinical School

Telephone +61 2 9926 4607
Fax +61 2 9926 4033


Biographical details

Dr Jane Fleming BSc (U. Manchester), PhD (U. Sheffield), MSc (Gen Couns) (Griffith University) is a lecturer and research coordinator for the Master of Genetic Counselling course at the Sydney Medical School - Northern, and an associate genetic counsellor (MHGSA). Jane previously worked in prenatal genetic counselling in Brisbane and as a research coordinator on the Master of Genetic Counselling course at Griffith University. Prior to becoming a genetic counsellor, Jane was a research scientist studying the genetic basis of human deafness, gene therapy for Friedreich ataxia, and X chromosome inactivation in marsupials. Her current research interest is genetic counselling practice.

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