Dr Nicholas Cole

Anatomy & Histology, School of Medical Sciences
Bosch Institute

F13 - Anderson Stuart Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

T: +61 2 9351 7629
F: +61 2 9351 7629

Biographical details

Cole NJ, Don, E, Hall TE, Berger, S, Neyt C, Ericsson R, Joss J, & Currie PD (2011). Evolutionary origins of vertebrate hind-limb musculature and the tetrapod transition. PLOS Biology, PLoS Biol. 2011 Oct;9(10) [More...]

Research interests

The overall aim of my research is to use the power of the zebrafish as a model vertebrate to understand normal development and function and to find potential cures of human disorders.

Zebrafish are our model organism, increadibly these small fish are an amazing system with which to answer many questions of human disease. My laboratory has a 'state of the art zebrafish facility'. In addition I examine sharks, paddlefish and lungfish for an evolutionary view point. I will provide an encouraging, interactive and enjoyable environment for you to development as a research scientist. I am very open to your own ideas and questions.

Current projects include but are not limited to;


Creating and curing fish models of human motorneuron disorders. In particular ALS


Initiation, specification and control of vertebrate limb and muscle development .