Honorary Professor Peter Heywood

Honorary Professor
Public Health, School of Public Health
Menzies Centre for Health Policy


Biographical details

Peter Heywood is Honorary Professor of International Health at the University of Sydney. With training in epidemiology, policy analysis, economics and nutrition, he has a strong background and experience in health policy and health sector reform in low income countries with particular emphasis on South and Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Before retiring in 2006 he was a Lead Health Sector Specialist with the World Bank, leading that institution’s dialogue in the health sector and developing and supervising large portfolios of health sector investments in the public and private sectors in India (1998-2004) and Indonesia (2004-2006). The areas of emphasis for these investments included both communicable (tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, malaria, leprosy and avian inflluneza) and non-communicable diseases (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cataract, nutrition), decentralization in the health sector, education of health professionals, the roles of the public and private sectors, and the changes in demand for health care in the medium term and their implications for government policy.