Honorary Associate Professor Qihan Dong

Honorary Associate Professor
Medicine, Central Clinical School
Bosch Institute

D06 - Blackburn Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

T: +61 2 9515 5186
F: +61 2 9516 1273

Biographical details

Research interests

Dong's team is investigating the mechanism of, and the way to prevent, cancer recurrence. Cancers are made up of both actively dividing and "resting" cancer cells. These “resting” (quiescent) cancer cells are thought to be central to recurrence, after actively dividing cancer cells are eliminated by chemo- or radio-therapy. Based on statistic in the United States in 2011, there are 12 million people living with cancer and hence how to prevent cancer recurrence is of critical importance. Dong’s team using Gene Chip technology has identified a list of genes that are aberrantly increased in their product levels in advanced form of prostate cancer compared with organ-confined prostate cancer. This is important as the regulatory signals required for quiescent cancer cells to re-enter the cell cycle have not been fully elucidated. Identification of these signals will provide needed molecular targets for preventing cancer recurrence. In addition, the team has made progress in designing prevention strategies with the ultimate goal of providing cancer survivors with these interventions when the disease is in remission. Based on the principal of efficacy and no toxicity, the team has examined the potential of compounds isolated from edible plant, citrus peel extract, and traditional Chinese medicine in blocking the transition from the “resting” to actively dividing cancer cells.