Ms Robyn Leonard

Honorary Associate
NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, Sydney Medical School

Telephone +61 2 9499 2103


Selected grants


  • Establishing a pilot rapid autopsy project; Leonard R; AMP Foundation/AMPs Tomorrow Fund.


  • Establishment of the NSW arm for the BCBA rapid autopsy project (Cancer Council NSW); Besser M, Leonard R; Cancer Council New South Wales/Research Grant.


  • The development of an online common application system for streamlined access to brain cancer biospecemins in the BCBA network.; Leonard R; Roche Products Pty Limited/Research Grant.


  • Underpinning Australian brain cancer research: creating the resources essential to accelerate access and sharing of biospecimens and associated clinical data vital to advancing research in brain cancer´┐Ż; Leonard R, Byrne J; Mark Hughes Foundation (HMRI)/Project Grant.

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