Publications list for Dr Anthony Santella

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  • Santella, A., Krishnamachari, B., Davide, S., Cortell, M., Furnari, W., Watts, B., Haden, S. (2013), Dental hygienists' knowledge of HIV, attitudes towards people with HIV and willingness to conduct rapid HIV testing. International Journal of Dental Hygiene. 11, 287-292. [Abstract]


  • Santella, A., Davide, S., Cortell, M., Furnari, W., Tuthill, J. (2012), The Role of Dental Hygienists in Conducting Rapid HIV Testing. Journal of Dental Hygiene. 86(4), 265-271. [Abstract]


  • Santella, A., Laraque, F., Hilger, J., Camhi, E. (2011), The Development and Implementation of a User-Friendly Priority Setting Tool for HIV Care and Treatment Services in New York City. Journal of Community Health. 36(1), 158-165.


  • Santella, A., Shi, L., Campbell, C. (2010), Factors associated with hospital length of stay among HIV-infected adults in Louisiana. The Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society. 162(6), 325-326. [Abstract]