Publications list for Dr Atomu Sawatari

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  • Merlin, S., Horng, S., Marotte, L., Sur, M., Sawatari, A., Leamey, C. (2013), Deletion of Ten-m3 Induces the Formation of Eye Dominance Domains in Mouse Visual Cortex. Cerebral Cortex. 23(4), 763-774. [Abstract]


  • Lee, H., Leamey, C., Sawatari, A. (2012), Perineuronal nets play a role in regulating striatal function in the mouse. PLoS One. 7(3), e32747. [Abstract]
  • Dharmaratne, N., Glendining, K., Young, T., Tran, H., Sawatari, A., Leamey, C. (2012), Ten-m3 Is Required for the Development of Topography in the Ipsilateral Retinocollicular Pathway. PLoS One. 7(9), e43083. [Abstract]


  • Lee, H., Sawatari, A. (2011), Medium spiny neurons of the neostriatal matrix exhibit specific, stereotyped changes in dendritic arborization during a critical developmental period in mice. The European journal of neuroscience. 34(9), 1345-54. [Abstract]


  • Simonetti, T., Lee, H., Bourke, M., Leamey, C., Sawatari, A. (2009), Enrichment from birth accelerates the functional and cellular development of a motor control area in the mouse. PloS One. 4(8), e6780. [Abstract]


  • Lee, H., Leamey, C., Sawatari, A. (2008), Rapid reversal of chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan associated staining in subcompartments of mouse neostriatum during the emergence of behaviour. PLoS ONE. 3(8), e3020. [Abstract]
  • Leamey, C., Glendining, K., Kreiman, G., Kang, N., Wang, K., Fassler, R., Sawatari, A., Tonegawa, S., Sur, M. (2008), Differential Gene Expression between Sensory Neocortical Areas: Potential Roles for Ten_m3 and Bcl6 in Patterning Visual and Somatosensory Pathways. Cerebral cortex (New York, N.Y. : 1991). 18, 53-66. [Abstract]