Publications list for Mr Brian McSharry

2013 | 2012


  • Avdic, S., Cao, J., McSharry, B., Clancy, L., Brown, R., Steain, M., Gottlieb, D., Abendroth, A., Slobedman, B. (2013), Human cytomegalovirus viral IL-10 polarizes monocytes towards a deactivated M2c phenotype to repress host immune responses. Journal of Virology. 87(18), 10273-10282. [Abstract]


  • McSharry, B., Avdic, S., Slobedman, B. (2012), Human Cytomegalovirus Encoded Homologs of Cytokines, Chemokines and their Receptors: Roles in Immunomodulation. Viruses. 4(11), 2448-2470. [Abstract]