Publications list for Dr Daniel Brown

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  • Chihara, Y., Wang, V., Brown, D. (2013), Evidence for the utricular origin of the vestibular short-latency-evoked potential (VsEP) to bone-conducted vibration in guinea pig. Experimental Brain Research. 229(2), 157-170. [Abstract]
  • Brown, D., Chihara, Y., Wang, Y. (2013), Changes in utricular function during artificial endolymph injections in guinea pigs. Hearing Research. 304, 70-76. [Abstract]
  • Buljan, V., Damian Holsinger, R., Brown, D., Bohorquez-Florez, J., Hambly, B., Delikatny, E., Ivanova, E., Banati, R. (2013), Spinodal decomposition and the emergence of dissipative transient periodic spatio-temporal patterns in acentrosomal microtubule multitudes of different morphology. Chaos. 23(2), 023120. [Abstract]


  • Brown, D., Gibson, W. (2011), On the differential diagnosis of Meniere's disease using low-frequency acoustic biasing of the 2f1-f2 DPOAE. Hearing research. 282(1-2), 119-27. [Abstract]


  • Brown, D., Patuzzi, R. (2010), Evidence that the compound action potential (CAP) from the auditory nerve is a stationary potential generated across dura mater. Hearing research. 267(1-2), 12-26. [Abstract]


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