Publications list for Associate Professor Marina Kennerson

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  • Chaudhry, R., Kidambi, A., Brewer, M., Antonellis, A., Mathews, K., Nicholson, G., Kennerson, M. (2013), Re-analysis of an original CMTX3 family using exome sequencing identifies a known BSCL2 mutation. Muscle & Nerve. 47(6), 922-924. [Abstract]
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  • Brewer, M., Changi, F., Antonellis, A., Fischbeck, K., Polly, P., Nicholson, G., Kennerson, M. (2008), Evidence of a founder haplotype refines the X-linked Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMTX3) locus to a 2.5 Mb region. Neurogenetics. 9(3), 191-5. [Abstract]