Publications list for Dr Mary Paradisis

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  • Paradisis, M. (2013), Strategies to tackle early low flow states in the extremely preterm infant. Current Pediatric Reviews. 9:1, 90-98.


  • Paradisis, M., Osborn, D., Evans, N., Kluckow, M. (2012), Randomized controlled trial of magnesium sulfate in women at risk of preterm delivery:neonatal cardiovascular effects. Journal of Perinatology. 32(9), 665-670. [Abstract]


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  • Carmo, K., Evans, N., Paradisis, M. (2009), Duration of Indomethacin Treatment of the Preterm Patent Ductus Arteriosus as Directed by Echocardiography. The Journal of pediatrics. 155(6), 819-822.e1. [Abstract]
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