Publications list for Associate Professor Vladimir Balcar

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  • Lochman, J., Balcar, V., SÅ¥astný, F., Serý, O. (2013), Preliminary evidence for association between schizophrenia and polymorphisms in the regulatory Regions of the ADRA2A, DRD3 and SNAP-25 Genes. Psychiatry research. 205(1-2), 7-12. [Abstract]


  • Nasrallah, F., Balcar, V., Rae, C. (2011), Activity-dependent γ-aminobutyric acid release controls brain cortical tissue slice metabolism. Journal of neuroscience research. 89(12), 1935-45. [Abstract]
  • Serý, O., Sťastný, F., Zvolský, P., Hlinomazová, Z., Balcar, V. (2011), Association between Val66Met polymorphism of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) gene and a deficiency of colour vision in alcohol-dependent male patients. Neuroscience Letters. 499(3), 154-157. [Abstract]


  • Nguyen, K., Buljan, V., Else, P., Pow, D., Balcar, V. (2010), Cardiac Glycosides Ouabain and Digoxin Interfere with the Regulation of Glutamate Transporter GLAST in Astrocytes Cultured from Neonatal Rat Brain. Neurochemical research. 35(12), 2062-9. [Abstract]
  • Nasrallah, F., Maher, A., Hanrahan, J., Balcar, V., Rae, C. (2010), γ-Hydroxybutyrate and the GABAergic footprint: a metabolomic approach to unpicking the actions of GHB. Journal of Neurochemistry. 115(1), 58-67. [Abstract]
  • Nasrallah, F., Balcar, V., Rae, C. (2010), A metabonomic study of inhibition of GABA uptake in the cerebral cortex. Metabolomics. 6, 66-67.


  • Nguyen, K., Shin, J., Rae, C., Nanitsos, E., Acosta, G., Pow, D., Buljan, V., Bennett, M., Else, P., Balcar, V. (2009), Rottlerin Inhibits (Na(+), K (+))-ATPase Activity in Brain Tissue and Alters D: -Aspartate Dependent Redistribution of Glutamate Transporter GLAST in Cultured Astrocytes. Neurochemical research. 34(10), 1767-74. [Abstract]
  • Shin, J., Nguyen, K., Pow, D., Knight, T., Buljan, V., Bennett, M., Balcar, V. (2009), Distribution of Glutamate Transporter GLAST in Membranes of Cultured Astrocytes in the Presence of Glutamate Transport Substrates and ATP. Neurochemical research. 34(10), 1758-66. [Abstract]
  • Rae, C., Nasrallah, F., Griffin, J., Balcar, V. (2009), Now I know my ABC. A systems neurochemistry and functional metabolomic approach to understanding the GABAergic system. Journal of Neurochemistry. 109(Suppl 1), 109-116. [Abstract]
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  • Beart, P., Balcar, V. (2009), Graham Johnston: bringing success to neuroscience through medicinal chemistry. Neurochemical Research. 34, 1696-1697.


  • Getts, D., Balcar, V., Matsumoto, I., Müller, M., King, N. (2008), Viruses and the immune system: their roles in seizure cascade development. Journal of neurochemistry. 104(5), 1167-1176. [Abstract]