Discipline of Pharmacology

Discipline of Pharmacology

The Discipline of Pharmacology of the University of Sydney is the largest of its kind in Australia, with an extensive range of research programs and well equipped undergraduate teaching facilities.

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Latest news

  • Congratulations to Jarrah Spencer, Alex Wong, Cho Zin Soe and Sofia Mavritsakis on the award of their PhD's.
  • Congratulations to Mac Christie and colleagues on the renewal of their program grant (Ion channel modulators of pain pathways. Lewis RJ, Alewood PF, Adams D, Christie MJ, King GF, 2015-2019, $ 9,209,250).
  • Congratulations to Dr Vanessa Morris (Protein Biophysics Group) who was awarded an NHMRC CJ Martin Postdoctoral Fellowship and an EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowship to support her postdoctoral work at the Technische Universität München, Germany
  • Congratulations to Rachel Codd on the award of an NHMRC and ARC grant! NHMRC Project Grant, Codd, R. Double, K. Liddell, J. Witting, P. (2014-2016), $596,226. ARC Discovery Grant, Codd, R. and Katsifis, A. G. (2014-2016): $370,000
  • Congratulations to Najwa Ejje, Patrick Ng, Jane Ren, Karryn Grafton, Swetha Murali, Hui Ong and Vanessa Morris on the award of their PhD's and Reem Bashour on the award of her MPhil
  • Promotions for 2013; Congratulations to Lenka Munoz, Slade Matthews and Tina Hinton who were successfully promoted to Level C and Margie Sunde who was promoted to Level D.
  • Congratulations to Dr Elena Bagley on the award of a University of Sydney Thomspon Fellowship for 2014
  • Congratulations to Rob Vandenberg, who has been awarded a Sydney Medical School Award for Excellence in Research Supervision
  • E/Prof Graham Johnston has been appointed as the International Society for Neurochemistry Historian for 2014-2015. He will also be a member of the ISN Council for 2014.
  • Ewan Mylecharane was honoured to present the Maurice Rapport Lecture, at the Serotonin Club Meeting in Montpellier, France in July 2012. The meeting celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Serotonin Club, an international society of biomedical scientists, inaugurated in Sydney, Australia in 1987. Ewan was the first Secretary/Treasurer for 9 years, as well as a President, and his Honorary Membership for distinguished members from the inception of the Club was conferred in 2004.
  • Congratulations to Ernestine Chung, Dane King, Farid Sanai, Amelia Eddington, Joe Liu, Qi Ge and David Van Ly on completion of their doctoral theses. They will graduate on 10 May.
  • Congratulations to Paul Young, Daniela Traini, Michael Murray and Brian Oliver on receipt of a University of Sydney Major Equipment Grant of $200,000 for "3-Dimensional-structural, mechanical and chemical analysis of biological and material samples using a coupled Confocal-Raman-Atomic Force Microscope (CRAM).
  • Congratulations to Paul Young, Daniela Traini and Brian Oliver on receipt of an ARC Linkage Grant of $370,000 ($540,400 including Partner [Pharmaxis Ltd] contribution).