The Laboratory's research was directed towards the development of drugs selectively active at multiple excitatory amino acid and GABA receptor sites and transporters, and to drugs acting on ATP-gated potassium channels using structure-activity studies and computer-assisted modelling. New chemical entities synthesised in the Adrien Albert Laboratory were evaluated in house on a variety of test preparations.

Structure-activity models of the above receptors suggested new compounds to be investigated as neuroactive substances possibly as agonists, antagonists or modulators at these receptors. Much of the work involved development of routes for the chemical synthesis of these target molecules. One of the important features of this work was that the new compounds were designed, synthesised and tested in isolated tissue preparations and whole animal models within the research group.

Major research projects included:

  • New agents acting on GABAA receptors
  • Agents acting on GABAB receptors
  • Agents acting on GABAC receptors
  • Effects of stress on GABAA receptors
  • Positive modulators of GABAA receptors
  • Effects of agents from Ginkgo biloba on GABA