University of Sydney Staff included:

Honorary Associate Professor, BSc (Qld), PhD (James Cook), FRACI, CChem
Structure-activity studies; amino acid analogues; amino acids; medicinal chemistry; glutamate; GABA; neurotransmitters; synthesis; heterocycles. View profile

Professor in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, (neé Chebib), BSc (Qld), PhD (Griffith), FRACI, CChem
Faculty of Pharmacy, phone 9351-8584
GABA receptors and transport systems. View profile

BSc (James Cook), PhD (ANU), MRACI, CChem. Honorary Associate, Synthesis of GABA analogues; computer-assisted drug design; bees. View profile

Professor in Pharmaceutical Sciences, BSc, PhD (Warwick), MRACI, CChem
Faculty of Pharmacy, Room N408, phone 9351-2078
Drug design and development; analogues of amino acids. View profile

Associate Professor in Pharmacology, BSc (Hons), PhD, Grad Dip Sci (Psych)
Rm 2N12, Level 2 Charles Perkins Centre D17 , phone 9351-6954
GABAergic neurotransmission in the CNS; GABAergic mechanisms in schizophrenia, antipsychotic drug effects on GABA receptors. View profile

Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry, AM, FTSE, FRACI, MSc, PhD (Camb.), CChem, DPharm(Copenhagen)
Room 474 Molecular Bioscience Building G08, phone 9351-6117
Amino acid neurochemistry and neuropharmacology; novel GABA receptors; amino acid transport systems; molecular modelling; computer-aided drug design; potassium channel pharmacology; drugs to treat Alzheimer's disease. View profile; Home page

Ken N Mewett MSc (Qld) PhD (Qld), Honorary Associate, Design and synthesis of analogues of GABA and glutamate. View profile

BSc (Saigon), PhD, MRACI, CChem Senior Technical Officer.