Current news


Congratulations to Associate Professor Jonathon Arnold who has been appointed as Associate Director of Preclinical Research in the Lambert Initiative of Cannabinoid Therapeutics.  A/Prof Arnold and colleagues established the Lambert Initiative, a multi-year research project to explore the medicinal potential of the cannabis plant, after receiving an unprecedented research donation of $33.7 Million - the largest gift ever given to research at the University of Sydney.  The donation was made by Barry and Joy Lambert, of whom the initiative was named for in honour of their generosity. For more information please follow the link.

Congratulations to both Associate Professor Renae Ryan and Dr Kellie Charles for their recent awards in Equity Fellowships.  Associate Professor Renae Ryan was awarded a Brown Fellowship and Dr Kellie Charles was awarded a Thompson Fellowship. Equity Fellowship scheme aims to promote equity and diversity at the University by providing financial support, teaching relief, and mentoring and networking opportunities. For more information please follow the link.

Congratulations to Dr William Tieu, Dr Kate Chitty and Dr Nicholas Osbourne who have been awarded a 2016 Sydney Medical School Kick Start Grant. These grants are co-funded by the Sydney Medical School and the Balnaves Foundation and allow the recipients to undertake a pilot project for one year.  

Congratulations to Dr Tina Hinton and colleagues on receiving a University of Sydney Small Education Innovation Grant for project: Deeper learning engagement through hands-on experience with equipment assembly and collection of electrophysiological data. $9975 was awarded  to develop material of neuroscience practicals.

Congratulations to Associate Professor Rachel Codd on making the list of semi-finalists for the Elsevier Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge for her proposal ‘Simple water-based purification of essential medicines’. This proposal focuses upon the IMAC methods she has developed with contributing past and present students (Dr Najwa Ejje, Ms Jiesi Gu, Ms Isla Nakano) to purify clinical metabolites produced by bacteria. For more information please follow the link.

Congratulations to Dr Tina Hinton and colleagues on receiving the University of Sydney Large Education Innovation Grant for project: Creating coding tools for immersive engagement and learning of statistical analysis. $25,000 has been awarded to  develop activities for students to learn coding and apply this to their learning of statistics, providing additional skills not currently in the curriculum and alternatives to learning statistics.

Congratulations to Professor Mac Christie and colleagues on the renewal of their program grant (Ion channel modulators of pain pathways. Lewis RJ, Alewood PF, Adams D, Christie MJ, King GF, 2015-2019, Funding : $9,209,250).