Discipline of Pharmacology seminar series

The Discipline of Pharmacology seminar series is held on Wednesdays (12-1pm) Norman Gregg Lecture Theatre, Edward Ford Building.

The series is supported by the Discipline of Pharmacology and the Australasian Society of Clinical and Experimental Pharmacologists and Toxicologists (ASCEPT) and organised by and



2nd March
Prof Alan Boddy
(Cancer Therapeutics and Personalized Medicine, Pharmacy, USyd.)
Pharmacogenetic studies in adults and children with cancer

9th March
Dr Bryony Winters
(Synaptic Physiology and Plasticity Laboratory, Pharmacology, Usyd.)
Endogenously released opioids regulate intercalated cell activity in the amygdala

16th March
Stephanie Todd (Supervisor: Jonathon Arnold)
(Cannabinoid Research Group, Pharmacology, Usyd.)
Final PhD Talk

23rd March
David Clarke (Supervisor: Jonathon Arnold)
(Cannabinoid Research Group, Pharmacology, Usyd.)
Final PhD Talk

30th March
Alex Jackson (Supervisor: Michael Kassiou)
(Drug Discovery Research Group, Pharmacology, Usyd.)
Final PhD Talk titled: Pharmacological characterisation of P2X7 receptor antagonists


6th April
Prof Stephen Twigg
(Kellion Prof in Endocrinology, Stan Clark Chair in Diabetes Medicine, CPC.)
Diabetes complications and growth factors: A NAFLD and wound healing focus

13th April Introductory honours talks (12:00-1:15pm)

20th April Introductory honours talks (12:00-1:15pm)

27th April
Prof David James
(Charles Perkins Centre and School of Molecular Bioscience, Usyd.)
Precision medicine and future health care

2nd May
*Special Guest Lecture*
Prof David Juurlink
(Head of the Division of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto)
Venue: KPEC Rm 4.2 (Large Conference Room) Level 4, Building 72, RPAH (11:00am)

4th May
Dr Wendy Gold
(Paediatrics and Child Health, Westmead, Usyd.)
Intracellular trafficking in Rett Syndrome: Speeding with HDAC6 inhibitors

11th May
Dr Katie Dixon
(Anatomy and Histology, School of Medical Sciences, Usyd.)
Shining new light on melanoma with an old flame

18th May
Dr Robert Lane (Host: Mac Christie)
(Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Monash University)
Bias and allostery at the dopamine D2 receptor: new tricks for an old dog

25th May
A/Prof Andrew Moorhouse (Host: Wendy Imlach)
(Department of Physiology, School of Medical Sciences, UNSW.)
Modulating neuronal chloride homeostasis to enhance GABA inhibition

1st June
Rosemary Cater (Supervisor: Renae Ryan)
(Transporter Biology Group, Pharmacology, Usyd)
Final PhD talk titled: The Split Personality of Glutamate Transporters: A Chloride Channel and a Transporter


27th July
Rosemary Cater (Supervisor: Renae Ryan)
(Transporter Biology Group, Pharmacology, Usyd)
Final PhD talk

3rd August
Prof. Fariba Dehghani (Host: A/Prof. Rachel Codd)
(School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering)

10th August
Dr Kate Chitty (Host: Prof. Nick Buckley)
(Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology Group)
Alcohol in suicidal behaviour: Insights from the HATS database

17th August
Prof. Hiroshi Ueda (Host: Prof. Mac Christie)
(University of Nagasaki)
Lysophosphatidic acid as chemical signature of chronic pain

24th August
A/Prof. Stephen Fuller (Host: A/Prof. Renae Ryan)
(Haematology, Usyd)
P2X7 receptor gating and function is regulated by post-transcriptional deletion of ATP-binding motifs within receptor subunits

31st August
Nooshin Koolaji (Supervisor: Prof. Michael Murray)
Final PhD Talk

7th September
Jiesi Gu (Supervisor: A/Prof. Rachel Codd)
(Chemical Biology in Drug Discovery Laboratory, Pharmacology, Usyd)
Final PhD Talk Titled: New applications of immobilised metal ion affinity chromatography for pharmaceutics processing and drug discovery.

14th September
Dr Andrew Clarkson
(The University of Otago)
Modelling cognitive impairments after stroke

21st September
Dr Chi Pham (Host: A/Prof Margaret Sunde)
How fungi use self-assembling proteins to control the infection interface.

28th September
Prof. Caroline Dive (Host: Dr Kellie Charles)
(Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute)
The role of liquid biopsies and CDX models in guiding cancer therapy

5th October
Prof. Ian McGrath (Hosts: Prof. Mac Christie & Dr Wendy Imlach)
(University of Glasgow)
How to publish a research paper: point of view of these annoying ******* editors

12th October
*Special Seminar*
Prof. Caroline de Costa
(James cook University)
Diana Temple Lecture (Venue: Arthur Webster Lecture Theatre (LT208), Level 2, Veterinary Science Conference Centre (VSCC))
Children by Choice
A light lunch will follow the lecture between 1pm-2pm.
Please RSVP to by 8th October 2016 for catering purposes.

19th October
Thomas Telfer (Supervisor: A/Prof. Rachel Codd)
Final PhD Talk: Structural Diversification of Analogues of Desferrioxamine B using Precursor-Directed Biosynthesis and Semi-Synthetic Chemistry

26th October
Ben Harris (Supervisor: Dr. Kellie Charles)
Final PhD Talk: Investigating the impact of systemic inflammation on platinum drugs in cancer

31st October Final Honours talks 9:00-10:40am (5 talks) and 11:00am-12:20pm (4 talks)

1st November Final Honours talks 9:00-10:40am (5 talks) and 11:00am-12:20pm (4 talks)

2nd November **No Seminar**

24th November
*Special Seminar*
Prof. Steven Charlton (Host: Dr Wendy Imlach)
(University of Nottingham)
Drugs in the 4th dimension: Why off-rate is so on-trend.
Time: 11:00am
Venue: Norman Gregg Lecture Theatre, Edward Ford Building