Discipline of Pharmacology seminar series

The Discipline of Pharmacology seminar series is held on Wednesdays (12-1pm) Norman Gregg Lecture Theatre, Edward Ford Building.

The series is supported by the Discipline of Pharmacology and the Australasian Society of Clinical and Experimental Pharmacologists and Toxicologists (ASCEPT) and organised by


5th March
Dr Josep Font Sadurni (Transporter Biology Group, U.Syd)
Elucidating the molecular architecture of the L-type amino acid

7th March FRIDAY 12-1pm
SPECIAL SEMINAR - Room 471 is on Level 4, SMB
Prof Arthur Christopoulos (Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Monash Uni.)
New functional and structural insights into GPCR allostery

12th March
Dr Briony Winters (Pharmacology, U.Syd)
Investigating the Interplay between Muscarinic and NMDA Receptors at Hippocampal Synapses: Implications for Alzheimer’s Disease

19th March
Dr Eithne Cunningham (Transplant Research Group, U.Syd)
A novel gene therapy approach to transplantation tolerance

26th March
Dr Emily Colvin (Bill Walsh Laboratories, Kolling Institute)
Using mouse models to investigate ovarian cancer

2nd April
Dr Nicolas Dzamko (Neuroscience Research Australia)
Leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 as a therapeutic target for the treatment of Parkinson's disease

9th April
Dr Rohan Walker (University of Newcastle and Hunter Medical Research Institute)
Title to be announced

16th April
Mr John Chan (PhD candidate, Supervisor: Paul Young)
Respiratory Technology Group, Woolcock Institute, U.Syd
FINAL PHD TALK: Inhaled rifamycin dry powders targeting tuberculosis

Honours Research Proposal talks
PLEASE NOTE: Presentations will be from 9-3pm

30h April
A/Prof Kay Double (Discipline of Biomedical Sciences, U.Syd)
Neuronal vulnerability in Parkinson's disease

7th May
A/Prof Antony Cooper (Neurodegeneration and Neurogenomics Program, Garvan Insititute)
The molecular basis of Parkinson's Disease

14th May
Dr Tony Cesare (Genome Integrity Group, Children’s Medical Research Institute)
The telomere deprotection response: implications on tumour
suppression, cellular ageing and genomic stability

21st May
Mahsa Sadeghi (PhD Candidate, Supervisor: Mac Christie)
Neuropharmacology Lab, Pharmacology, U.Syd
FINAL TALK: Mechanism of action of the potential therapeutic analgesic drugs targeting different pain pathways

28th May
A/Prof Sallie Pearson (Pharmacy, U.Syd)
Big Data: What is the value add for quality use of medicines research?

4th June
Tom Kelly (MPhil candidate, Supervisor: Brent McParland)
Lyme Disease Research Group
FINAL TALK: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: is there a link with tick-borne infections?

Ew-Jun Chen (MPhil candidate, Supervisor: Lenka Munoz)
Innovations in Kinase Therapeutics Lab