Discipline of Pharmacology seminar series

The Discipline of Pharmacology seminar series is held on Wednesdays (12-1pm) Norman Gregg Lecture Theatre, Edward Ford Building.

The series is supported by the Discipline of Pharmacology and the Australasian Society of Clinical and Experimental Pharmacologists and Toxicologists (ASCEPT) and organised by and


4th March
Dr Arsalan Yousuf (Pain & Drug Addiction Laboratory, Pharmacology, USyd.)
The role of difference phosphorylation sites in acute desensitisation of mu-opioid receptors

11th March
Dr Kathryn Sunn (Commercial Development & Industry Parnership, Research Portfolio, Usyd)
Intellectual Property in University Research

18th March
Prof. Jenny Martin (Institute for Molecular Bioscience, University of Queensland)
The mystery of membrane fusion: structure and function of Munc18 proteins in SNARE-mediated vesicle trafficking

25th March
Tulip Lifa (Supervisor:Rachel Codd)
Final PhD talk: Metal-template synthesis of forward and reverse Fe(III)- or Ga(III)-desferrioxamine E and ring-expanded macrocycles

1st April
Dr Marina Pajic (Personalised Cancer Therapeutics, Garvan Institute of Medical Research)
Translating molecular signatures into novel personalised treatment strategies for patients with pancreatic cancer

8th April
9:00-12:00 Introductory Talks from Honours Students

15th April
Phuoc Huynh (Supervisor: Kellie Charles)
Final Masters Talk: Reduction of plasma fibulin-1 predicts poor survival in metastatic colorectal cancer
Denise Tam (Supervisors: Mac Christie and Wendy Imlach)
Masters Talk: The role of glycinergic neurotransmission in neuropathic pain

24th April (Friday 11am)
Prof Yves De Koninck (Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience, Quebec Mental Health Institute Research Centre (CRIUSMQ), Canada)
Targeting chloride transport for therapeutics

29th April
Prof Antoine van Oijen (School of Chemistry, University of Wollongong)
Biology at the nanoscale, one molecule at a time

6th May
Dr Daniel Johnstone (Bosch Institute, Usyd.)
Stop at the red light: the common feature of traffic and neurodegeneration

13th May
Prof Arthur Christopoulos]] (Drug Discovery Biology, Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Department of Pharmacology
Advances in GPCR Allostery and Bias

20th May
Assoc. Prof Paul Witting (Pathology Usyd)
Title to be confirmed

27th May

3rd June
Dr Claire Goldsbury]] (Alzheimers's disease Laboratory, Brain and Mind Research Institute, Usyd
The microglial cell cytoskeleton in the ageing brain

10th June
Dr Vincent Laurent (Behavioural Neuroscience Laboratory, Brain and Mind Research Institute)
Title to be confirmed

17th June
Dr Karin Aubrey (Pain Management Research, kolling Institute of Medical Research)
Title to be confirmed

24th June
Prof Jane Latimer (Musculoskeletal Division, The George Institute for Global Health)
Title to be confirmed (Venue: Teachers College, Rm 306)

29th July
Prof Mary Collins (Faculty of Pharmacy, USyd)
Title to be confirmed

5th August
Assoc Prof Julie Atkin (Medicine and Health Sciences, Macquarie University)
Title to be confirmed (Host: Margie Sunde)

12th August
Louise Harkness (Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, Usyd)
Final PhD talk (Supervisor: Janette Burgess)

17th August (MONDAY)
Dr Joe Mindell (NINDS, National Institutes of Health, USA)
(Host: Renae Ryan)
Title to be confirmed
VENUE CHANGE: Bosch Lecture theatre 2

24th August (MONDAY)
CPC/Pharmacol seminar: Prof Chris Triggle & Assistant Prof Hong Ding (Weill Cornell Medical College, Qatar)
Metformin: Not simply an antidiabetic drug
VENUE: Charles-Perkins Centre, 6th Floor.

26th August
Introductory Student Talks.
Stewart Yeung
Michael Lau
Lala Sarkissian

2nd September
Dr Gila Moalem-Taylor (School of Medical Sciences, UNSW)
Neuroinflammation in neuropathic pain (Host: Wendy Imlach)

9th September
Francesca Tang (Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, Usyd)
Final PhD talk: The role of neutrophils in rhinovirus induced asthma exacerbations (Supervisor: Dr Brian Oliver)

16th September
Dr Tristan Rawling (Pharmacy, University of Technology Sydney)
A novel omega-3 fatty acid derived cancer drug scaffold tunable towards antimetastatic or antiproliferative activity

23rd September
Dr Anchit Khanna (Lowy Cancer Research Centre, UNSW)
From bedside to bench, and back again : Harnessing CIP2A Signaling to Treat Brain and Prostate Cancers (Host: Lenka Munoz)

30th September
Introductory Student Talks
Elizabeth Azzi
Pamela Srour
Dilara Bahceci

7th October
Dr Annemiek Beverdam (School of Medical Sciences, UNSW)
YAP is molecular switch in epidermal stem cell proliferation and differentiation (Host: Wendy Imlach)

14th October
Dr Megan O’Mara (School of Chemistry and Mol Biosciences, The University of Queensland)
Title to be confirmed (Host: Rob Vandenberg)

21st October
Dr Steven Wise]] (Heart Research Institute, Central Clinical School, Usyd)
Title to be confirmed

28th October
Dr Katie Dixon (Anatomy and Histology, Usyd)
Title to be confirmed

4th November
Prof Joel Mackay (Protein Structure, Function and Engineering Lab, Usyd)
Title to be confirmed

11th November
Dr Liza Cubeddu (School of Biomedical and Health Sciences, UWS)
Title to be confirmed (Host: Josep Font)

18th November
Dr William Tieu (Chemical Biology in Drug Discovery Lab, Pharmacology, Usyd)
Applications of template synthesis: from antibiotics to zirconium chelators
VENUE CHANGE: Teachers College Rm 306.

25th November
[[b||Dr Josep Font (Transporter Biology Group, Pharmacology)
[[I||Title to be confirmed.