Honorary appointments

Adjunct Professor

Susan M Pond, AM, MB BS, MD (NSW), FRACP, FTSE

Emeritus Professor

J Paul Seale, MB BS, PhD, FRACP FRCP
Emeritus Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, Deputy Director, Woolcock Institute of Medical Research
email: paul.seale@sydney.edu.au
Asthma; corticosteroids; neuropeptides; beta adrenoceptor agonists
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Graham AR Johnston, AM, MSc, PhD (Cambridge), DPharm (h.c., Copenhagen) CChem, FRACI, FTSE
Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry
Room 219, Blackburn Building
phone: +61 2 9351 6117
Amino acid neurochemistry and neuropharmacology; novel GABA receptors; anxiety and stress; gender differences in drug action; drugs in sport; molecular modelling; computer-aided drug design; drugs to treat Alzheimer's disease, amnesia, anxiety, epilepsy, insomnia, myopia and schizophrenia; herbal medicines
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Honorary Professors

Peter R Carroll, BPharm, MSc, PhD, FPS, FACPP
Room 211c, Bosch Building, phone: +61 2 9351 6121
e-mail: prcarroll@bigpond.com
Disease State Management, Medication Reviews, Drug Interactions, Management of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

Michael Kassiou, BSc (NSW), PhD (NSW), FRACI *
email: michael.kassiou@sydney.edu.au
Drug design and medicinal chemistry; structure-activity relationships of bioactive CNS molecules; elucidation of drug-binding site interactions; applications of molecular imaging in diseases of the brain.

Gillian Shenfield, PhD
email: gilshen@med.usyd.edu.au

Honorary Associate Professors

Robin D Allan, BSc (Qld), PhD (James Cook), FRACI, CChem
email: r_allan@pharmacol.usyd.edu.au
Structure-activity studies; amino acid analogues; medicinal chemistry; glutamate; GABA; neurotransmitters; synthesis; heterocycles

Rosemarie Einstein, BSc, PhD
e-mail: einstein@pharmacol.usyd.edu.au
Cardiovascular pharmacology; congestive heart failure; fibrillation and defibrillation; stress in experimental animals

Ewan J Mylecharane, BPharm (V.I.C.), BSc, PhD (Melb.)
e-mail: ewan@pharmacol.usyd.edu.au
5-hydroxytryptamine receptor agonists and antagonists; prejunctional inhibition of peripheral noradrenaline release; modulation of central dopamine release; funnel-web spider neurotoxins; cardiovascular pharmacology

Ian Spence, BSc, PhD (Monash)
e-mail: ispence@med.usyd.edu.au
Non-linear analysis of heart rate variability in diabetes and eating disorders; applications of data mining techniques to community screening diabetes data and in Alzheimer's disease

Honorary Associates

Hugh Capper, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Rujee Duke. PhD, Department of Pharmacology, University of Sydney

Ken Mewett, PhD, Department of Pharmacology, University of Sydney

Ann Mitrovic, PhD, Department of Pharmacology, University of Sydney

Lyn Moir, PhD, Department of Pharmacology, University of Sydney