Applying for Honours

To apply for an honours you are required to:

  • submit a Pharmacology Honours Application Form to the Honours Coordinator;
  • apply on-line to the Faculty of Science

Current University of Sydney students
Prospective Honours students currently enrolled in the Faculty of Science at the University of Sydney should look at:- Honours in the Faculty of Science

Students from other universities in Australia
Prospective Honours students who have completed their degrees at other institutions, as well as Sydney students who have taken a break from their studies, should also examine the Faculty of Science website Honours information.

International students
International students, who are newly enrolling, should apply through the International Office
International students who are already students at the university should apply through the:

  1. International Office (above) and
  2. through the Faculty of Science (with departmental signature)

Honours in pharmacology

Details of our honours course and available projects in 2016.