Studying honours

Science and Medical Science students with a sound record in pharmacology are encouraged to enrol in an Honours year in Pharmacology. An Honours degree in Pharmacology provides training in a wide range of scientific research methods, and is highly regarded by prospective employers in private industry, government and research institutions. Honours graduates benefit from wider employment possibilities, and also have the opportunity to proceed to a postgraduate degree (MSc or PhD). Students can elect to start their Honours year in second semester.

Eligibility for Pharmacology Honours

To qualify to enrol in Honours, the Faculty of Science requires:
(i) that students have qualified for the award of a pass degree; or be a pass graduate of the Faculty of Science; or be a pass graduate holding a Bachelor of Science degree or an equivalent qualification from another institution
(ii) that students have completed a minimum of 24 credit points of Senior units of study relating to the intended honours course (or equivalent at another institution).
(iii) that students have achieved credits in the relevant Senior Science units of study, and a SCIWAM of at least 65.

For students who do not meet these criteria, the Faculty of Science has a Graduate Diploma in Science. The Graduate Diploma in Science serves as an entry qualification for the degrees of Master of Science or Doctor of Philosophy. It consists of equivalent work to that carried out by candidates enrolled in the fourth year honours courses, and is normally available to candidates who may not be eligible to enrol in those courses. The normal duration of the degree is one year full time or two years part time and is fee-paying.

Details of our honours course and available projects in 2018.