Current postgraduate students

PhD Progress Committee and Annual Interviews

Each postgraduate student will be assigned a PhD Progress Committee at the beginning of their degree who will be involved in the progress of the student throughout their candidature. The panel will consist of three members; the student’s supervisor and two other members of the department. The Committee will interview each postgraduate student annually, commencing in the first year of candidature. This interview is designed to check on the student's progress and to enable the student to voice any concerns about his/her candidature. Complaints by candidates and disputes between candidates and supervisors are dealt with by the appropriate members of the Committee in consultation with the postgraduate coordinator. Other suggestions made by students during the interview may be incorporated into Departmental policy where applicable.

Please read information regarding the new online Annual Progress Report system.

When students enrol in a postgraduate degree they are admitted as a probationary student for 1 year. At the end of the first year all students must complete a Project Proposal (details below) and present a short seminar to the Department on their proposed project. If a student fails to complete these tasks their candidature will be terminated.

PhD Project Proposal

Completing a satisfactory Project Proposal is an important task during the first year of your candidature. This exercise should serve to familiarise yourself with the current literature in your field, to understand how your project fits into your field and to plan the research which you will undertake.

The proposal should contain the following sections;
Background and Significance
Project proposal and 3 year plan (including evidence of access to the equipment and financial support to carry out the proposed project)
Any preliminary data
Ethics approval or timeline for ethics submission (if relevant)
Back-up plans

Formatting instructions;
The page limit for the proposal is 20 A4 pages. Top, right and bottom margins should be 2cm, left margin 4cm. Font should be 12 point Times New Roman and text should be double spaced. References may be single spaced. Please use British journal of Pharmacology referencing style.

After your project proposal is approved by your supervisor please distribute it to the other members of your PhD Progress Committee no later than September 30th. Your project proposal will be discussed in your first progress meeting that will be held in October. If your proposal is not deemed satisfactory by your committee your probation will be extended for a further 6 months. After this time a further committee meeting will be held and if your progress is not satisfactory your candidature will be terminated.


All postgraduate students are expected to attend the weekly seminars, which are generously supported by the Australasian Society of Clinical and Experimental Pharmacologists and Toxicologists. Lunch is provided at the seminars.

Bosch Young Investigators

Research students in the Department of Pharmacology are members of the Bosch Institute, which is a multidisciplinary Research Institute of the Faculty of Medicine. The student representative for Pharmacology is Phuoc Huynh. The Bosch Institute runs various programs in which students are encouraged to participate. Some of the events include:

  • Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Research Seminars throughout the year (includes free drinks and food!
  • Annual Young Investigators Symposium, which is held in early December in which the best research conducted by postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers is presented
  • Young Investigators Retreat, a 2 day meeting at Kiola, on the South Coast of NSW.
  • Bosch Special Seminars, presented by some of the leading researchers in Australia.
  • Bosch Annual Scientific Meeting, a 1 day meeting that focuses on a topic of major importance to human health.


Research students are encouraged to join ASCEPT, which holds an annual scientific meeting at the various capital cities around Australia and New Zealand. ASCEPT provides travel grants for all students presenting at the Annual Scientific conference, which usually covers the cost of a return airfare to the conference. Every second year the ASCEPT scientific conference is held as part of the Australian Health and Medical Research Congress, which is a large multidisciplinary meeting.

Postgraduate Research Support Scheme

The University provide funds for the support of research activities of students. These funds can be used for Travel to conferences, purchase of small items of equipment or consumables for the research project. PhD students can apply for this funding on 3 occasions during their candidature and MPhil students can apply twice during their candidature. In most years, the standard allocation is approximately $500, but it is hoped that all students will receive one allocation during their candidature of up to $1000 for travel to an International conference. To be eligible for this support, students must present a short seminar to the Discipline.
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