PhD thesis production & examination

APA and UPA scholarship holders are allocated funds for the production of their PhD thesis. All students should contact the Research Office to obtain more information about their entitlements.For students without a scholarship, the Discipline of Pharmacology will support the production costs of the thesis. The PhD thesis is examined by 3 independent examiners, who are nominated by the supervisor. Students are allowed to discuss potential examiners with their supervisor, but the final choice of examiners is by the supervisor and the student should not be aware of the final choices. The examiner nomination form can be obtained from the PhD Awards subcommittee website ( and should be filled out by the supervisor and sent to the Postgraduate Coordinator (A/Prof Renae Ryan ) for endorsing before it is sent to the Board of Postgraduate Studies for ratification. Supervisors are encouraged to organise examiners approximately 3 months prior to the expected thesis submission date.

Please read the important information regarding submitting a thesis on the Sydney Medical School website.