Student prizes

Roland H. Thorp Prize

Merit in Senior Pharmacology, Faculty of Science - $500

This prize was established in 1985 to honour Emeritus Professor R.H. Thorp who held the Chair of Pharmacology from 1949 to 1975. It is awarded on the recommendation of the Professor of Pharmacology to the most proficient student in the third year courses PCOL 3011/3911, 3012/3912, 3021/3921 and/or 3022/3922 provided the student's work is of sufficient merit.

Dorothy Thorp Award in Science Communication

Merit in Pharmacology Honours, Faculty of Science

In recognition of the importance of science communication to the media and general public, the Dorothy Thorp Award is awarded for excellence in science communication. Students will be required to attend a workshop entitled "Writing about science for a non-technical audience". Following this training they will complete the 500 word assignment due in August. This will be judged by external judges with expertise in science communication and the Award will be awarded on their recommendation.