2014 sees the first intake of the Sydney MD program. Those eligible for admission are graduates of any faculty from tertiary institutions in Australia with a credit grade average. They will have sat an entry examination called the General Australian Medical Schools Admission Test (GAMSAT) and interviews are part of the admission procedure.

The Program has the following features: an emphasis on self directed life-long learning; a goal-directed curriculum; interactive small group teaching; early clinical and community contact; options and electives for individual student development; and training in research methodology leading to completion of a supervised research project .

There are four themes which extend throughout the four years of the program comprising Basic and Clinical Sciences which underpins evidence-based practice; Patient-Doctor Theme which ensures effective communication and clinical skills; Community Doctor Theme which emphasises population perspectives, and the Personal and Professional Development Theme which assists students in reaching their full potential.

The Discipline of Pharmacology is involved in preparing learning material for the students and in overall curriculum planning for the MD Program.