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Discipline of Physiology

The Discipline of Physiology is part of the School of Medical Sciences and is the focus of teaching and research in the physiological sciences at The University of Sydney.

Its research staff and students are located primarily at the Camperdown Campus of the University, in the Anderson Stuart Building and in the Medical Foundation Building. Academics in the discipline teach undergraduate programs in the Faculty of Science, and the Graduate Medical Program.

The research interests of the faculty span a broad range of topics in the physiological sciences, with particular research focus on neuroscience, cardiovascular physiology, reproductive physiology, and endocrine function. Techniques used in our laboratories include imaging, electrophysiology, molecular biology, and human and animal behaviour.

Latest news & events

2018 Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Excellence

Dr Sharon Herkes and Prof Philip Poronnik
This year Prof Phil Poronnik and Dr Sharon Herkes were included in the Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Excellence. Now in their third year, the awards are a whole-of-university, peer-nominated recognition program that acknowledge impact, leadership, entrepreneurship, mentorship and industry and community engagement.

This is a wonderful achievement and we would like to congratulate Prof Philip Poronnik who was awarded for Outstanding Educational Engagement and Innovation and Dr Sharon Herkes who was awarded for Outstanding Teaching.

Dr Andrew Hoy awarded a Robinson Fellowship

Prof Brian MorrisCongratulations to Andrew Hoy who has received one of the first Robinson Fellowships.

The Robinson Fellowships aim to support and retain our best early-career academics by creating a pathway towards continuing teaching and research positions at the University.The structured, four-year program includes salary, up to $150,000 each year for research costs, and mentoring support.
Andrew Hoy joined the School of Medical Sciences in 2012 as an NHMRC ECR Fellow. His research focuses on type 2 diabetes, obesity and associated complications including fatty liver disease, and cancers which are heavily influenced by obesity. Along with his research focus, Dr Hoy is actively involved in undergraduate teaching at the University, including coordination of the School’s TSP offerings, supervising a number of postgraduate students, and serving on a range of University committees.
The Robinson Fellowship will allow Dr Hoy and his research team to perform innovative experiments so as to publish research accessible to both researchers and clinicians involved in the treatment and prevention of lifestyle-related diseases.

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